Magarìa Rosso IGP Terre Siciliane

Magarìa Rosso

IGP Terre Siciliane


This wine finds a perfect match with red meat, pork and lamb meat dishes. It is also good with game meat, first courses, seasoned cheese, couscous with meat, and stew fish. It can be served in pot-bellied glasses. You can uncork the bottle at the same time you are going to serve the wine, or just few hours before. The ideal serving temperature is 16-18°C.


Nero d’Avola 55% – Cabernet Sauvignon 45%


Production area: South western Sicily, Contrada Ragana (Sciacca), Carboj  islands

Disposition: 50 meters above sea level

Relief: level

Land: silty-clay in sub-alkaline reaction, with the presence of total limestone in small quantities, poor in nutrients (potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc).

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  • Winner of the “2 Bicchieri” Gambero Rosso title in 2000
  • Silver medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards in 2017 with 90 points
  • Mention at the Decanter World Wine Awards 2018
  • Silver medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2018
  • Gold medal at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2019


This wine comes from the meeting between two vineyards: the Nero d’Avola, deeply rooted in the Sicilian territory, and the Cabernet Sauvignon, internationally renowed. For this reason it has very peculiar features, conveyed and intensified by the pedoclimatic conditions. It has a ruby color and a traditional Mediterranean spices scent that turns into coffee and clove aromas. It has a very captivating taste, its perfect mix of minerality, acidity and tannicity make its flavor intense and persistent.


Grapes: Nero d’Avola /Cabernet Sauvignon
Area: Sciacca, Carboj islands
Age: 20 years
Pruning: Guyot
Harvesting: September
Method: by hand
Fermentation: in steel
Density: 4000
Yield: 70 per Ha. / 70 per Ha.
Aging: 24 months in barrels of 25 Hl and 8 months in bottle
Alcohol: 13,50%