We like to relive the past, with its emotions, secrets and scents…with its mysteries. Watching the sea from the ancient tower, pretending for a moment to be its guardian, ready to launch the signal should any suspicious looking ship approach the coastline.

Listening to the farmers singing during harvest, while they hope the grapes just picked are going to make a good wine. The heat, sweat and strength needed during harvest. Everything becomes easier if you believe you are going to make great wine with the harvest of the day.

Experiencing day after day how the wine scent changes, discussing whether a wine should be moved in another tank or not, if Grillo grapes tastes like grapefruit or pear, climbing onto the tallest barrel to listen to the silence for just a moment.


Sipping some Rosa di Nero with our Dutch friend, while our Chef is preparing “Beccafico” sardines, and the background music has just the right rhythm for the singing of cicadas.

We can stop time together while oblivion envelops us and everything becomes more beautiful, and suddenly the desire of dancing arises.