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De Gregorio


Located in downtown Sciacca, just above piazza Scandaliato, where little Nando and Maruzza used to play and have fun, we have opened a fine and nice B&B.

Right in front of the Garibaldi club, where you can still feel the old Sicilian tradition (today almost completely lost), you’ll be able to live inside lovely en-suite rooms that are named after our wines: Magarìa, Dragonara, Haris and Rahana.



Two balconies that overlook via Garibaldi, where you’ll be able to appreciate Sciacca’s skyline and the sea.

Fine and enjoyable space, with every comfort and vast living room area.
Perfect for a couple or a family.


An attic room from where you can see Sciacca City Hall’s watch, that marks the slow passing of time.

A big terrace that overlooks via Garibaldi, where you can see the piazza with the sea just below.

The room is available for a couple or a family. Fully equipped for any necessity.


Spacious and well-equipped studio flat.

Modern yet traditional in terms of style, its two balconies overlook Vicolo Sortino, typical example of Arab road architecture.



En-suite room located in Vicolo Sortino.
Its high ceilings and the walls indicate it must once have belonged to some aristocratic family, and you can still breathe in the Sicilian tradition.

Perfect for a couple, it’s equipped for any necessity.


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