Rahana Inzolia Terre Siciliane

Rahana Inzolia

Terre Siciliane


It ‘a very versatile wine to be used as an aperitif, but also good with  hot or cold appetizers, first courses of seafood and cheeses. Perfect with pasta raw and boiled fish. It should be served in medium-sized glasses, open at the time, it is very good at a temperature of 10-12 ° C.


Inzolia 100%


Production area: South western Sicily, Contrada Ragana (Sciacca), Carboj  islands

Disposition: 50 meters above sea level

Relief: level

Land: silty-clay in sub-alkaline reaction, with the presence of total limestone in small quantities, rich in nutrients (potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, manganese, zinc).



From the wineyards of Ragana, in Arabic “place of friendship”, an Inzolia fresh, delicate and strong  like its own fruit.  A white wine, mineral and sapid, which  relives the soul of the territory. It is vinified  and refined for 6 months in steel.

It has a soft colour with light green reflections. The aroma is fruited with a perception of the white fruit pulp amenable to  peach, melon with final vegetal hints. It expresses a fair elegance and freshness, integrated with the flavor  and the minerality. The fruit hints are perceived specially at the end and make it pleasant and quite persistent.


Grapes: Inzolia
Area: Sciacca, Carboy islands
Age: 22 years
Pruning: Guyot
Harvesting: September
Method: by hand
Fermentation: in steel
Density: 4500/4000
Yield: 65 Q.li per Ha. /75 Q.li per Ha.
Aging: 6 months
Alcohol: 12,5% Vol.